Friday, August 22, 2008


One of the many experiences I had in Tanzania, was teaching and answering questions on HIV/AIDS in the local schools. These children had very basic knowledge on what AIDS is, and how they received this destructive force. We would open up with one simple question: "Raise your hands if you know someone personally who has AIDS or has died of AIDS?" Every hand would go up. These children craved knowledge of this virus and how they could prevent it.

I learned some sweet drumming skills


My beautiful head wrap

In an orphanage of 40+ kids from the ages of 3 months old to 4 years old. It was run by nuns who weren't paid or given funding. They relied solely on donations to feed, clothe, and care for these children

My Mission

Now, don't get me wrong....I love the Mexican culture. I love their willingness to open their homes to us, always happy to talk about God, and their mad cooking skills. Now with that said, there are a few more things that would signal us to a humble Mexican home:
1) A beautiful decorative bed sheet in the front window
2) Un upside down mop out front
3) a toilet...I'm guessing just for an emergency situation
4) And, usually a varying display of beer cans and bottles.
******See if you can spot them all*********

One of my favorite street contacts. They sang the most amazing song about Jesus I've maybe ever heard.

6 months marker!

So, I didn't workout all that much in the mornings....

The Starting Line....

Now, it's on! Alright so I'm pretty much prepared to be blown away by my blogging skills.